Camping Vidor

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Practical seating, happy customers: the story of Camping Vidor. A tale of functionality and satisfaction.

The fresh wind of a fair in Riva del Garda brought Mrs. Christine to us, owner and director of Camping Vidor. A chance encounter, a solitary corner of the fair, a catalog left almost by chance, and as often happens, destiny began to weave its web.

That catalog, leafed through between one break and another, whispered to Christine the story of our chairs, each with its own personality, its silent resistance, and its discreet invitation to comfort. Ninety chairs destined for the restaurant hall of a camping site that boasts a sober and welcoming luxury were born from that silent conversation.

And here is the peculiarity of the request: chairs not too comfortable, almost reluctant, so as to dance in a waltz of lunch shifts without holding back the diners, beyond the right times. Discreet but sturdy chairs, capable of supporting stories, smiles, and moments of pause, tripling their presence in a room that lives on tight rhythms.

Simple and effective.

The model of the "Bangkok" chair (BS625S) emerged as the ideal candidate, with its open and welcoming backrest, the lightness that dances between the hands of the waiters, and the practicality of movement between the tables awaiting the new day. The eco-nabuk fabric, with its warm brown tones and a discreet pattern watching over the backrest, completed the work.

And so, between functionality and aesthetics, the "Bangkok" chairs continue to live on, offering their measured comfort and their silent resistance, while we and Camping Vidor celebrate, year after year, a choice made in an instant and lasting over time.