Rio Stava Family Resort Spa

Meeting between beauty and functionality. Rio Stava Hotel: where design meets practicality.

In a framework of understated formality, Hotel Rio Stava commissioned a second project through the voice of its indomitable owner. Elisabetta, an owner and manager with a clear and determined vision, had a specific desire: to enliven the restaurant area, a place where new seats would dance in harmony with benches arranged in a welcoming circle.

The Aosta model was then brought into the world, almost molded by Elisabetta's desire. Originally baptized as the "Cortina" armchair (BS449A), it changed its appearance (and name) to accommodate the practical needs required: an opening in the backrest to facilitate the work of the waiters. And it was a success, an invention greeted with satisfaction by the hotel staff. For the bar area, on the other hand, the Göteborg model (BS439S) is accompanied by wonderful custom-made benches to complete the project, together flaunting a light gray econabuk with fir-colored legs that promise eternal fidelity to the existing furniture.

The living soul of wood

But the story doesn't end there. There's also the tale of two sofas in the hall, Dublin model (BS528L), which, after a brief identity crisis between pearl white, a romantic vision, and brown with a more practical tone, have finally dressed themselves in a changing velvet in shades of brown. Thus, these two pieces of furniture have transformed into chameleon-like inhabitants of the space, integrating with discretion and elegance.

Finally, the restaurant area has been nestled in an embrace of eco-nabuk, the obligatory and wise choice for a family hotel where the fabric's performance is a must. Eco-nabuk, the invincible, the tireless, was the chosen fabric, an indomitable sentinel against the daily little adventures of a hotel that lives to the rhythm of families, satisfied guests of this dynamic and welcoming environment.