Alpenheim Charming Spa Hotel

The Art of Hospitality at Hotel Alpenheim

In the picturesque setting of Hotel Alpenheim in Canazei, a formal meeting gave birth to a collaboration based on excellence and craftsmanship precision. The client's request to redesign the bar area presented the perfect opportunity to showcase our expertise in the furniture sector.

We found the occasion to introduce our Toronto stools (BS468B), designed to offer comfort and timeless style. The selection of ten stools marked the beginning of a transformation that would breathe new life into the hotel's bar area.

The fabric chosen by the interior designer for the upholstery of this product imparted a touch of refined elegance, while the memory of the encounter at the Bolzano fair demonstrated how important it is to leave a lasting impression on our customers.

Marvelous stories for new furnishings.

Despite the initial impression of coolness, the kindness of the client was evident, enriched by the affectionate presence of their magnificent Great Dane, Napoleone.

The client's satisfaction was such that they recommended our company to their industry colleagues, confirming the quality of our products and our commitment to precision and punctuality. In addition to the stools, the choice of two Abu Dhabi armchairs (BS630A), upholstered in genuine leather and other fabrics selected by the interior designer, further enriched the welcoming atmosphere of the reception.

It was a privilege to contribute to transforming the spaces of Hotel Alpenheim, endowing them with bespoke elegance that will linger in the hearts of guests for a long time.