Adler Hotel Wellness Spa

Culinary elegance at Hotel Adler: refined seating for a unique gastronomic experience.

In a picturesque corner of Andalo, where the mountains blend with dreams, Hotel Adler rewrites its chapter dedicated to elegance. The story begins a few years ago when an old version of our catalog falls into the hands of Mr. Bottamedi, initiating a dialogue of style and expectations.

The recent refurbishment of the hotel's restaurant echoes a quote, a request made in a formal tone but hiding the excitement of an anticipated renovation. The armchair initially selected by Mr. Bottamedi steps backstage, making way for "Jesolo" (BS650A), an armchair model that, albeit larger, knows how to make space without overshadowing.

Jesolo doesn't just come with its generous dimensions, but it agrees to shrink for the sake of the art of hospitality, ensuring that every guest finds their corner of comfort. So, we customized the model by subtly reducing its size to accommodate the expected number of customers in the restaurant.

In a distant past.

Clad in an eco-nabuk with subtle enchantment and a faux leather print that reflects light with a discreet smile, "Jesolo" harmonizes with the chromatic harmony of the environment, dancing in a ballet of pure and luminous whites. But the Adler doesn't stop there. 

Twelve stools, also dressed in that faux leather seemingly born to embrace the contours of the bar counter, make their appearance. The "Toronto" model (BS468B), with a touch of customization, an opening on the backrest that serves as a window to comfort, completes the mosaic of a restaurant that, nestled in the heart of Andalo, invites its guests to sit down, to savor, in an atmosphere that is an ode to elegance and taste.