Hotel Adler Suite & Stube

Home, comfort, and sustainability: Hotel Adler in the Dolomites of Val Pusteria in Villabassa.

Hotel Adler, nestled amidst the majestic Dolomites in the picturesque Val Pusteria in Villabassa, is much more than a simple accommodation. It's a place where guests arrive and immediately feel at home, free and carefree.

This historic hotel shines with a modern light, embodying the passion for hospitality of the Pircher family, combined with a deep sense of sustainability, naturalness, and love for the territory. A dwelling that carries with it a history of over 400 years, enriched by a magical cuisine and an unmistakable character.

In the renovation of the structure, we had the honor of contributing to the furnishing of the new veranda. Here, a perfect balance between modernity and tradition, between comfort and design, has been achieved.

New furniture complements for a magical place.

The Nashville armchair (BS447A) has been carefully selected for the occasion and paired with armchairs (BS565P) and Brighton sofas (BS565L), all upholstered in elegant embossed green velvet alongside Brighton tables (BS565TL) in beech wood. This combination of elements creates a unique and welcoming atmosphere, in perfect harmony with the spirit of Hotel Adler.