Hotel Ambiez Family Wellness | 2022

Proposals for guest comfort improvement

After being a guest at the Hotel Ambiez Family & Wellness for a few days, I felt the desire to share with the owners some ideas I had during my stay.

I remember they were complaining about the wear of the genuine wool upholstery of a series of armchairs in the common areas. Indeed, the formation of the classic fabric micro-balls, due to constant rubbing in the areas of greatest friction, gave the impression of sitting on very old and neglected items, despite the quality of the natural fabric and the craftsmanship.

Protection and warmth in a renewed style.

We proposed a series of modern-style armchairs that stand out in an environment perhaps too small to contain them but, on the other hand, give a feeling of warmth and protection. The choice of fabric among the econabuk fell on shades between brown and yellow. Then, resorting to the fabric printing process, we simulated the visual effect of wool fabric to prevent the unpleasant worn-out effect over time.

Existing chairs and benches were then re-upholstered with the same production solution, and Abu Dhabi armchairs were added (BS630A).