Hotel Ariston Garden Spa

Products featured:

The elegant attire of Hotel Ariston and the refined redesign.

At Hotel Ariston in Val di Sole, a bright three-star hospitality star, undergoes a new dress thanks to meticulous and continuous renovation works, to which we had the honor to contribute.

Last year, our collaboration wove the new face of their bistro. Here, the choice falls on the "Lione" model (BS469A) for the chairs, wrapped in a green velvet that combines washable elegance with undisputed performance. And it's not just a matter of aesthetics: the bench, with its vertical stitches dancing along the surface, grazes the floor with a wooden base, a detail that combines design and practicality, avoiding potential fabric damage during cleaning.

The tables, with an HPL surface and sturdy black cast iron bases, are small islands of style, while the dining room is enriched with custom-made sofas. These sofas, modular and versatile, feature brown eco-nabuk upholstery with decorative cushions in delicate tones of powder blue, sugar paper, and beige.

The journey through velvets and colors.

And the cushions, slightly larger than usual, harmoniously balance the proportions of the sofas, offering visual and experiential comfort. It's an elegant rewriting of spaces, a chromatic and sensory journey that reflects Hotel Ariston's dedication to offering a unique experience, where the eye and comfort coexist in a subtle and captivating harmony. 

Indeed, Ariston's hospitality artistry also shines through in the details of the furnishings, in the care of textures and chosen colors, in the skill of creating spaces that are both welcoming and refined. Each element is a chapter in a narrative of comfort, aesthetics, and functionality, all orchestrated with great sensitivity.