Hotel Carlo Magno

Shades of elegance at the Carlomagno: bespoke armchairs, sublime atmosphere.

The story of the Hotel Carlomagno in Madonna di Campiglio and my company intersect in the sign of refinement and good taste. Mrs. Maturi, after a recommendation from another supplier, decides to contact us for a specific project: twenty armchairs intended for the TV room of her magnificent hotel, which stands proud and majestic like one of the most fascinating peaks of the surrounding Dolomites.

With samples in hand, Mrs. Maturi and I selected the "Nashville" armchair (BS447A), a perfect choice for the hotel's spacious rooms. This armchair is roomy, welcoming, and Mrs. Maturi chose to upholster it in a cream-colored velvet that exudes an aura of understated elegance.

But the collaboration didn't stop there. At the end of the season, another phone call: another room to furnish to measure.

Environments embraced with love.

This time, the challenge was to find a velvet that danced perfectly with the desired antique pink tones chosen by the owner. The solution? A Bordeaux crushed velvet, a combination that harmonizes beautifully with the existing wallpaper. But there's more. 

Our intervention extended to refurbishing the bar stools and refreshing 300 chairs and armchairs in the dining room. Although the chairs were, shall we say, well-loved, Mrs. Maturi didn't want to part with them, so we uplifted them with new upholstery. And since then, when the phone rings, I know it might be Mrs. Maturi, always satisfied with our work and ready for a new adventure in the world of furnishing.