Hotel Cristallo

An enchanting structure framed by a panorama of soft, verdant hills.

Coordinated by an architect commissioned by the owner, the project involved multiple areas of this renowned hotel in Andalo.

Initially, we replaced the custom-made chairs in the restaurant, faithfully adhering to the existing classic style. However, the redesign of the entire hall was more radical, featuring Tucson armchairs (BS475A) in the main area, upholstered in eco-nabuk fabric with shades of brown and antique pink to complement the splendid refurbished existing tables.

A coordinated project.

The chosen model for the reading room was the Abu Dhabi armchair (BS630A). It featured a magnificent combination of warm tones, from pink to brown, complemented by the walls with irregular geometric paneling and the marble flooring's veins. Additionally, the Paris armchair (BS461A) was added to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the environment.