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Comfort reflections: an epic of cushions in Cortina.

On an ordinary day of distributing catalogs in Cortina, fate, with its inscrutable humor, led me to meet the director of a hotel with undeniable and attractive charm. 

With formally affable manners, expressing that reserved courtesy typical of five-star environments, she made a rather peculiar request: custom-made cushions, unique and elegant, to adorn the benches in their restaurant and bar areas.

The cushions, destined to become oases of comfort along six and five meters of benches in waiting, were to blend harmoniously with the existing furnishings. It was then that, immersed in a palette of grays, I selected a bold econabuk with a faux loden print that whispered stories of subtle and refined elegance.

Elegance and practicality in every fold and stitch.

Five centimeters thick, a skillful balance between rigidity and comfort, with straps expertly sewn to maintain the integrity of the design. An important detail: the zipper. Invisible and functional, it allowed the cushions to be removed and washed, preserving their beauty and comfort over time.

The bar, the restaurant, and a discreet room on the lower floor: each space was imbued with the classy touch of our cushions, in a dance of carefully coordinated colors and fabrics. The end product was an ode to comfort and elegance, a small daily luxury appreciated in every fold and stitch by the hotel's guests and, naturally, by the director. Our relationship, always characterized by tones of respectful formality, evolved into a tacit mutual appreciation.