Hotel Famelì

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Extraordinary Common Spaces: Custom Sofas and Welcoming Atmosphere.

As you journey through the majestic peaks of Plan de Corones, we invite you to make a stop at Hotel Famelì, a 4-star S gem nestled in this enchanting corner of paradise.

Our story begins with the warmth and friendliness that have defined us for generations. From the early steps of our journey, we've endeavored to welcome travelers with genuine smiles and inviting atmospheres. Each guest is a special part of our story, and our commitment to details is our secret to a unique charm.

Over the years, we've consistently worked to enhance our guests' experience. Recently, we've taken a step forward in creating extraordinary common spaces. Picture yourself relaxing on magnificent sofas from the Brighton collection (BS565L), each of which has been custom-designed and crafted to ensure maximum comfort. These sofas have become true works of art thanks to the customizations and high-quality upholstery that make them unique pieces.

Warmth and Friendliness in the Heart of Plan de Corones.

We don't just stop at sofas; we've also added loveseats and swivel chairs, each with its distinctive touch, starting from the base model of the Brighton armchair (BS565P). Every detail has been lovingly attended to, creating a common space that will truly make you feel at home.

At Hotel Famelì, where the story of warmth, friendliness, and attention to detail continues to evolve, we make every stay a new and special adventure.