Hotel La Bussola

An elegant transformation: refined harmony in a space with discreet and welcoming charm.

The wind of renewal blows discreet yet determined through the quiet rooms of Hotel La Bussola, an establishment whose genuine and sincere charm has embraced the whispers of change with open arms. Having had the honor of contributing to this delicate process of transformation, I recall with a thread of pride the thoughtful and wise decisions undertaken by the hotel.

After chance encounters at furniture fairs, where keen eyes had already noticed the models from our catalog, fate wove its web, bringing our products into the experienced hands of the owners of the Hotel. The goal was to renew the stools that adorned the bar counter with dignity, silent and faithful witnesses to countless meetings and farewells.

With a thoughtful choice, the hotel warmly welcomed our "Toronto" stools (BS468B), along with the enticing "Tucson" armchairs (BS475A) and matching coffee tables, thus creating a corner of peace and relaxation.

Warmth and authenticity.

The chosen fabric, a wool-colored econabuk, dressed the newcomers with sobriety and elegance, while the natural beech legs provided discreet yet refined solidity.

The choice of the "Tucson" armchair was not random: its practical rear opening for cleaning and ease of handling made it the ideal candidate to dance gracefully among the welcoming walls of the hotel, bringing with it a breath of renewal that whispers stories of understated elegance and timeless charm.