Hotel The Laurin | 2024

Products featured:

Elegance in Blue Velvet: the refinement of Hotel Laurin

In the picturesque setting of Hotel Laurin, the second delivery of our products took place, consolidating a relationship that combines informality with craftsmanship precision. It has been a privilege not only to provide two custom stools but also to contribute to enhancing the billiard room with impeccable furnishings.

In the refined atmosphere of the billiard room, every detail has been masterfully crafted. The bar counter, adorned with elegant vertical stitches, exudes timeless elegance. The blue velvet, with its shifting shades, captivates the eye with its luminosity, lending the room an aura of refined distinction.

The benches, equally exquisite, help define the space with their soft design, while the Miami stools (BS441B), custom-made to fit the limited space, represent a perfect balance between functionality and style.

A new challenge for luxury furnishing.

Despite the challenges posed by the limited space, the vertical backs of the seats help elongate the environment, creating an illusion of spaciousness that defies the physicality of the room.

It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Hotel Laurin to transform their vision into a tangible reality, where aesthetics harmoniously merge with functionality, imparting a timeless touch of class to their guests' experience.