La Perla Life Hotel

A Multifunctional Project: Furnishing for the Hotel among the Dolomites of Paganella.

An unexpected word-of-mouth case has given us the opportunity to tackle one of the most challenging projects, due to the variety of furniture styles across the various spaces and functions of the common areas. A splendid hotel framed by the Dolomite massif of Paganella, family-run, the owners requested a solution for furnishing the entrance, lobby, and restaurant.

For the latter and for the entrance, the Dorotea model (BS589S) was proposed, a variant of the Goteborg model (which has a reduced-size hole in the backrest), more suitable for the existing furniture. Together, Paris armchairs (BS461A) were also produced, offering sinuous geometries and adapting to the present context.

True furnishing with style.

The lobby was then completed with the Dublino collection: sofa (BS528L), armchair (BS528P), and pouf (BS528BL) in a changing fabric with brown undertones on the front and a geometric print on the back.