Relais Rossar

Reflections of elegance at Relais Rossar: a journey through sophisticated design and refined atmospheres.

The Relais Rossar Hotel is not just a hotel, but an elegant retreat for those who aspire to tranquility and serenity, a haven where every detail is carefully considered and chosen with refined care.

Our collaboration begins with an official and formal meeting with the owner, Mrs. Daniela De Gara, during a trade fair in Riva del Garda. Mrs. De Gara, with a critical and expert eye, turned her attention to one of our outdoor sofas (BS616L), an armchair (BS616P), and a rectangular coffee table (BS616TLR) made of iroko, known as "Buenos Aires." 

These furnishings, constructed from rigorously tested materials and designed to withstand the elements stoically, promise to maintain their brilliance and hue even in environments where the sun reigns ardently and humidity caresses insistently. 

The art you wear.

"Buenos Aires" is not just a simple product, but an ode to resilience and design, equipped with waxed canvas coverings, heat-sealed seams, and nautical zippers, elements that contribute to making it suitable to challenge the seasons, remaining unchanged over time. The project also included part of the indoor spaces. 

In this common area of Relais Rossar, the "Ticino" armchair (BS643A) model was chosen. This distinctive creation, with its washable and stain-resistant fabric, comes in a dark brown shade, a color that enhances its texture and harmoniously blends with the environment and existing furnishings. The "Ticino" is not merely a model: it is a bold statement of style and functionality, a sincere and passionate tribute to the art of interior design. Alongside this model, a concept was developed that also includes the Ottawa (BS480A), a functional and highly customizable armchair.