Residence Ambiez

Bespoke Customization: A Unique Project for Residence Ambiez.

A project born from a visit, at one of our trade show stands, by the owners of Residence Ambiez, a highly renowned hotel in the Madonna di Campiglio area. They were interested in a customized solution, not only in the usual choice of model, fabric, and finish of the frame, but also in the size of the product.

The request called for a design entirely tailored to their needs. No standard options. Maximum customization. There were two areas to furnish, the living room and an adjacent reading/internet room. The living room area required a specific number of seats in a limited space. This requirement necessitated the production of a smaller-sized frame horizontally. The reading room was solved by adapting a standard model of the Tromso chair (BS526S), while for the living room, the choice fell on the Glasgow armchair (BS533A).

Maximum customization for the new rooms.

The pieces destined for this space were produced by inserting a metal plate into the bottom of the seat, from the center of which four legs extend, mounted to the seat like a pyramid, so that the leg footprint does not exceed the perimeter of the seat. Additionally, according to the client's experience, the areas to be furnished, especially the common area, are frequented year-round, imposing a certain degree of wear and tear on the furniture. Consequently, for the construction of the frame and for the upholstery process, special reinforcements in wood and metal were adopted by the production team, and the project samples underwent tens of hours of stress-testing. The chosen fabric was econabuk in sage color, personalized with the logo and graphics indicated by the client.