Casa Benamati

Chromatic harmony and comfort: Casa Benamati gets a makeover.

In an idyll of courtesy and warmth, Casa Benamati in Malcesine opened its doors to us, thanks to the recommendation of a professional in our industry who has recently been promoting our work frequently and in this case introduced us to one of the most enjoyable and interesting work experiences of recent years. A hidden gem on Lake Garda, this B&B needed a touch of art for its TV lounge, a secluded and windowless corner that yearned for a breath of vitality and color.

The owners, sweet and welcoming like a family embrace, entrusted their vision into our hands, granting us the stage to orchestrate a symphony of style and comfort. And what a symphony it was! Six armchairs – two "Cardiff" armchairs (BS595P), two "Chicago" armchairs (BS594P), two "Dublin" armchairs (BS528P) – and low-set poufs, carefully selected and upholstered with a cozy and sophisticated eco-nubuck fabric, all from the Dublin line (BS528BL).

But the true protagonist here is the color, the silent painter of atmospheres and emotions. Salmon, brown, and green have come together in a harmonious ballet, with cords and cushions playing an intriguing game of chromatic reflections.

Truly fashionable.

Each armchair, with its contrasting cord, becomes part of a larger picture, a puzzle of elegance and sophistication. The result? A transformed room, a corner of relaxation where every element converses with the other in a language of style and functionality. 

Casa Benamati smiled, satisfied with the change, and we, with a hint of pride, bid farewell to another small success of design and comfort, leaving behind the narrow alley and the warmth of a relationship built, above all, on mutual trust.