Alma Luce Funeral Home

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Elegant reflections in a place of farewell: sober and refined design for AlmaLuce.

The curtain rises on Alma Luce in Alonte, not just any room, but a delicate place of farewell. The request is clear: they need armchairs for the most important room. Marco Ferraro, the soul of this space, visits our company along with two collaborators, and the tour among our products begins, unveiling a mosaic of possibilities.

Despite the initial uncertainties – because, you see, the structure was still undergoing renovation, and envisioning the final result was no small task – the dialogue between our fabrics, shapes, and the space destined to accommodate them begins. 

The Adele model (BS658S) is chosen: a armchair echoing the 1950s, which replaces the chatty studs with a sober cord and wears an antique-printed velvet, a fabric poetically named Alchemy.

The dark walnut legs gracefully support the 46 "Adele" armchairs destined to populate the farewell room, with an additional provisional sample completing the picture.

A visual code that unites.

In this room, surrounded by a splendid garden, one will find a corner of peace, enveloped by a design that speaks the language of sobriety and comfort, with attention to detail reflecting Marco's precision and care. 

And even though the budget has imposed choices, Marco confides that over time, the furnishings of the common areas will follow the same path, embracing the quality and style of our production. And we, with a discreet and satisfied smile, await the next chapter of this collaboration, born under the sign of elegance and deep respect for places that exude a particular sacredness.