Hotel Ambiez Family Wellness | 2023

Reflections of elegance under the Andalo sun: Hotel Ambiez chooses exclusivity for its outdoor space.

When hospitality meets sophistication, a perfect union is born. At Hotel Ambiez in Andalo, such sublime synthesis materializes even in the outdoor corners of the hotel, renewed with a keen eye for comfort and elegance.

As a loyal customer of Ambiez, during my vacation this year, I had the opportunity to experience a second collaborative chapter with them. The outdoor spaces of the hotel, splendid witnesses of Andalo's sunny breath, are getting a makeover.

For the front patio, the hotel has carefully selected armchairs (BS667P) and sofas (BS667L) from the "Round" outdoor collection, pieces distinguished by their enveloping and welcoming shape. Each piece, treated with an external protective resin, is enriched by the discreet charm of the padding enclosed in waxed canvas, thermowelded seams, and nautical zippers, details that whisper guarantees of durability and weather resistance.

Immersed in nature.

Clad in water-repellent fabrics that play with delicate tones of light brown, these furnishings are meant to be seen and experienced, gently accompanying the moments of relaxation for guests.

The miniclub, a vibrant paradise of laughter and children's games, welcomes the aesthetic robustness of the "Buenos Aires" collection. The sofa (BS616L), armchair (BS616P), and rectangular coffee table (BS616TLR) are our gems finished in iroko wood, just like the "Round" models.

Sturdy sofas, born to withstand the endless enthusiasm of children, come with the same refined finishes designed for outdoor living, emphasizing a stylistic and functional coherence that makes attention to detail its flagship. In this ballet of elegance and functionality, Ambiez in Andalo continues to tell its story of exclusive hospitality under the Trentino sky.