Hotel Astor | 2022

A Fairytale Landscape and Magical Furnishings at Hotel Astor.

Perched on a cliff with an extraordinary view of Lake Garda, Hotel Astor boasts a reading/TV room with a large window framing a fairytale landscape. During a visit, the owner guided me through the hotel's floors nestled in the rock towards this small room with a grand view outside, asking for a solution to refresh the armchairs and sofas.

I immediately noticed a prevalence of tones beyond the window: dark green and iridescent blue. I envisioned the model and fabric. I imagined the ideal layout to enhance the view. We developed the idea in a couple of days, and the project was there, clear and transparent as the lake water above the meeting room table: sofas (BS594L) and Chicago armchairs (BS594P), upholstered alternating two iridescent colors, petrol green and cream white.

Playful colors and vibrant fabrics.

We then played with solid colors on the seats and printed fabrics on the cushions. The speed with which this setup was born certainly countered when it came time to set it up. 

No elevator or lift... a great logistic adventure that still populates coffee break stories in the company's corridors months after delivery!