Hotel Astoria

Discreet Elegance: The Reinvention of Style at Hotel Astoria.

Our encounter with Hotel Astoria in Canazei begins with a vibrant exchange of ideas, originating from a fortunate word of mouth. Mrs. Linda, kind and determined, summons us to discuss a delicate transformation, a silent metamorphosis of the space dedicated to relaxation and reading.

The need was clear: to renovate without upheaval, to offer comfort without sacrificing elegance. The existing sofas, witnesses of lazy afternoons and whispered conversations, had to give way to something new. Thus, among the sparkling pages of our catalog, the model of the "Chicago" sofa (BS594L) caught Linda's eye, almost responding to a subtle and unheard call.

 "Chicago" is not just any sofa. It does not invite lounging in abandonment, but rather suggests a composed seat, ideal for those who wish to immerse themselves in a good book or sip a drink in peace. 

His majesty comfort merges with the regality of design, creating a visual and tactile balance that discreetly caresses guests.

An ancient spirit.

But every sofa needs a faithful companion, and who better than the "Toronto" stools (BS468B) could accompany these majestic seats? Four elegant guardians, clad in a beige velvet that delicately oscillates in the light, ready to support tall and regal tables. Tables that, with their oak laminate top and black cast iron base, tell stories of discreet elegance from different eras.

The entire picture, embellished with warm and soft tones, from the deep brown of the sofas to the light beige of the stools, tells a story of subtle and refined renewal, a silent invitation to sit, relax, and be enveloped by Hotel Astoria.