Hotel Chalet Animae Natura

Furnishing the Soul: Stylish Reflections in Mezzana with Elegance and Sustainability.

In the heart of Mezzana, in the province of Trento, the Hotel Animae Natura stands as a jewel of sustainability and elegance. Their call came unexpectedly, a rustle of leaves carried by the wind of well-placed references.

The task? To dress the lounge and bar area with new colors and fabrics, spaces that, although distinct, breathe the same air of contemplative tranquility. Guided discreetly in the selection process, the owners entrusted us with their taste, selecting different models of armchairs "Dublino" (BS528P), “Chicago” (BS594P) and “Cardiff” (BS595P) for the lounge area, the sofa "Chicago" (BS594L, and the pouf "Dublino" (BS528BL) for the hall. Three different identities, but united by an invisible thread of aesthetic coherence thanks to homogeneous bases and variably shaped backrests.

The chosen fabrics sing a melody of subtle elegance: fireproof and washable velvets, in a soothing palette of olive green and warm beige. Delicate prints adorn the backrests, while solid colors welcome guests with their enveloping sobriety. Details make the difference: contrasting cushions that play with colors, introducing a silent but eloquent dialogue between the armchairs and the surrounding environment. 

In a fantastical forest.

For the bar area, the choice fell on the "Tucson" model (BS475A), a armchair wrapped in a changing velvet that caresses the eye with discreet reflections of light. The result is an ode to nature and elegance, a place where respect for the environment meets design and the art of hospitality, under the unmistakable sign of green and quality. 

A project that, like the mountains of Trento, composes solemn and harmonious timeless interior design, for the beauty and grandeur of the nature it is inspired by.