Hotel Costabella

Memphis and Snow: Harmony between Antique and Modern at Passo San Pellegrino.

The journey begins a few years ago, at a fair in Bolzano, where I had the pleasure of meeting Oscar, one of the owners of the enchanting Hotel Costabella in Moena. A touch of freshness was requested for his bar, hidden like a gem in the historic hall.

The dialogue with the owners, Oscar and Patrizio, is friendly and colorful. Oscar, Venetian at heart and in words, like me, guides our creative journey with warm and informal confidence. And in this flow of ideas and laughter, the choice is born: the "Memphis" armchairs (BS478A), a combination of elegance and comfort, gracefully modified to embrace both roundness and linearity, in a play of shapes that echoes the eccentric and kind personality of the owners.

The carefully selected fabric is a love song to the hotel's classicism.

The magic of nature.

Eco-nabuk with loden print, in the deep and enveloping tones of green, dresses not only our "Memphis" but also a custom-made antique chest, creating a delicate bridge between past and present. The delivery, scheduled for the early cold of December, encounters an unexpected challenge: two meters of snow, pure and impenetrable, envelop the Passo San Pellegrino, making the roads a white and impassable dream.

But with patience and determination, the snow retreats, revealing a hotel ready for its elegant renovation. And as the lights come on over upholstered armchairs and chests, Hotel Costabella whispers of new projects, of a restaurant area waiting for its moment of splendor, under the historic stage that, with every creak, tells stories of bygone times but of eternal beauty.