Hotel Gioiosa

Elegant furnishings for La Gioiosa: custom fabrics and design for relaxation.

From the tranquil Lake Garda rise the outlines of Hotel La Gioiosa. Our relationship with this corner of elegance begins with a decidedly formal tone. After casting a careful eye over our furnishings displayed at one of our stands during the Riva del Garda fair, the property decides to test our skills for a furnishing project.

The task? Dressing the hammam room, a place of sublime relaxation and newfound tranquility. And so, with samples in hand and the new collection under our arm, we begin our adventure in this sauna where elegance must meet functionality. Among the stars of the collection, the Round loungersBS667LT), Round armchairs (BS667P), and Round poufs (BS667BL) emerge as the clear choice of the client, elegantly clad in a discreet blue fabric that seems to blend with the walls of the room. 

But as everyone knows, the devil is in the details. The backrest of our furnishings boasts a solid-colored herringbone pattern, a minimalist detail that harmonizes with the dominant blue of the room, creating an environment that is music to the eyes.

The epitome of relaxation.

Arranging furnishings in a long and narrow space is our challenge, a puzzle of elegance and space that must accommodate a precise number of guests without sacrificing visual experience and comfort.

The "Round" loungers have been custom finished, adapted, and shaped for a cozy environment that doesn't compromise on customer comfort; because in places where relaxation reigns supreme, every centimeter, every chromatic choice, must be an ode to timeless well-being and elegance.