Hotel Mezzolago

Subtle irony of style and functionality in the renovation of Hotel Mezzolago.

The story begins with Aldo, the owner of the hotel. A resourceful man, lively and with colorful stories, echoed by the lake and the surrounding mountains. Desiring to breathe new life into the bar area of his pride of hospitality, Aldo thought to rely on our taste for new furnishing challenges.

In this frame of wood and fabric, the "Cortina" armchair (BS449A) made its entrance, a gem of comfort and elegance. This is not just a piece of furniture, but a woven tale of exclusivity and excellence. Its solid structure, made of solid wood, gives it an aura of strength and nobility, far from its imitations made of composite layers.

Aldo, with a critical eye and a small dose of elegant skepticism, selected a washable and fire-retardant eco-nubuck covering, embracing a shade of dark gray that reflects the mysterious depths of the lake. 

A corner for relaxation.

His initial hesitation about cleanliness melted away like mist in the sun, leaving room for genuine and profound appreciation for the chosen fabric, so much so that he extended its use to the restaurant lounge as well. Aldo is the leader of this oasis, which, although shy in showing its three stars, could easily flaunt four. 

With his hospitable smile and the way his eyes gleam with satisfaction as he observes the new custom furnishings, it's clear that Hotel Mezzolago is more than just a hotel: it's a lively and vibrant character, a compelling story of style and hospitality reflected on the tranquil waters of Lake Ledro.