Hotel Paganella

Sophistication and functionality at the Table. The sought-after balance of style at Hotel Paganella.

Hotel Paganella, a gem nestled in the heart of Andalo, has recently revamped the look of its dining room, under the careful guidance of architect Tatiana Bottamedi and with a touch of intervention from our group. The exchange of visions between us was formal, but the results speak a language of effortless elegance and refined functionality.

The "Bruxelles" armchair model (BS523A) was the chosen protagonist for seating the guests. Revised and corrected in its dimensions, with a strategically slimmed seat by three centimeters – a necessary resizing to maintain the same number of available seats but without sacrificing comfort.

As for the tables, custom-made and generously enlarged, these are adorned with a faux oak coating, with solid and authentic edges in solid wood. Their base is a sturdy cast iron plate, surmounted by a central iron column and underlined by an expanded crossbeam.

Effervescent energy.

For a finale of exquisite elegance, the central column is wrapped in a crown of real oak wood, polished to catch the light with a discreet smile.

A not insignificant detail: the seat backs of the armchairs sport a delicate printed floral pattern, a discreet and affectionate nod to the surrounding nature. Alongside, to maintain the style, are the magnificent 'Dublin' poufs (BS528BL).

But since Hotel Paganella is a realm where children are little sovereigns, every fabric is wisely chosen to be washable and stain-resistant. Because elegance, as you know, must be able to dance gracefully between practical needs and whispers of good taste.