Hotel Palace Meggiorato

Renewed Tradition with Class. Elegant and refined seating.

On an ordinary day, we receive an unexpected visit from Mrs. Nadia, along with her mother. They came with a specific mission: to renew the seating in their restaurant and bar area at the Palace Hotel. A hotel with a classic and distinctive spirit, which required a touch of renovation without betraying its essence.

To their surprise, Mrs. Nadia and her daughter had already spotted chairs on our website that they believed to be the missing piece of their furnishing puzzle. However, after carefully evaluating the samples, a change of direction was deemed necessary. 

Their needs pointed towards a model we had produced years ago, the Visconte chair (BS038S), a nod to continuity, a homage to tradition. Immediately, we set to work to reproduce those chairs, faithful to the originals, but with a touch of freshness and modernity.

Elegance and style as always.

For the six Virgilio armchairs (BS226A) and the Quintiliano stools (BS226B) in the bar area, the choice falls on a classic walnut hue, while the fabric becomes a modern interpreter: a neutral, high-performance velvet that is washable and stain-resistant. A canvas on which the life of the hotel can draw its moments without fearing to leave indelible marks.

For the restaurant area, instead, our patinated white lacquered model emerges, with engraved details decorated in gold, paired with a green fabric, classic yet technological, fireproof, and washable. A series of meetings and reflections has led to this final decision, a journey that from a desire for novelty returns, with awareness and taste, to the timeless charm of tradition, with a slight but significant touch of renewal.