Hotel Terme Eliseo | 2023

The Subtle Elegance of Hotel Eliseo: a dance of chairs and colors, a story of refined choices and golden details.

It's a sunny day when I head back to Hotel Eliseo in Montegrotto Terme for a second, significant supply. The first act, the previous year, witnessed the adoption of a cozy sitting area in the lobby, creating a refined corner, the result of collaboration with their interior designers.

This time, the project is initiated directly by Maria Chiara, the owner of the hotel. A refined director, elegant as velvet, determined to renew the chairs and armchairs in the dining room. It's a ballet of style, with Maria Chiara opting for the classic "Versailles" model, both as a head chair (BS100A) and a regular chair (BS100S), a symphony of elegance and functionality.

The number of chairs exceeds that of armchairs - a small army of 76 against 34. Each dressed with elegance: lacquered in white, upholstered in neutral eco-nubuck, adorned with golden studs in constant dialogue with the other golden details of the room.

Perfection lies in the details.

During the project's progress, with each visit, a small sinful ritual, alas, became a habit: one of the finest pastry shops in the area, very close to the hotel, hosted my breaks between a tea and a pastry. In the end, with a handshake and a smile, the project concludes.

The Hotel Eliseo observes with sparkling eyes its renewed lounge, and the curtain closes on a sweet and satisfied ending. The light of the Hotel Eliseo now dances, caressing the lacquered surfaces and playing with the eco-nubuck and gold, in a harmonious waltz of elegance and comfort. Maria Chiara's refinement in choices is reflected in every detail, creating a welcoming and dignified atmosphere, a perfect synthesis of style and functionality.