Hotel The Laurin | 2023

Discovering Hotel The Laurin: Rediscovered elegance with shades of style and comfort.

After a long day of various work appointments, I find refuge in the enchanting Hotel The Laurin. Every detail of the hotel whispered stories of care and precision, except for some leather armchairs, whose better days were now a memory. These armchairs, in my opinion, clashed with the refined atmosphere that pervaded the room.

After a peaceful night within its walls, I decided to introduce myself to Marco, one of the owners, showcasing my catalog as a little treasure trove of possibilities. The magic began to unfold: during a dinner in their magnificent restaurant, Marco's father appeared, and an appointment was scheduled for the following week.

With a selection of samples in hand, their gaze fell upon the "Bruxelles" armchair (BS523A), a symbol of understated and timeless elegance, and the "Miami" bar stools (BS441B), one of our most sought-after products.

But every love story has its touch of madness: they desired a swivel base, to ensure that each armchair, after welcoming weary travelers, would return to its original position with authoritative dignity. Thus, we brought to life custom-made products.

The shadow that matters.

The chosen color palette for the upholstery was a tribute to the four seasons, with shades of pink, blue, forest green, and orange, each destined to adorn a different type of room. And to add a final touch of grace, they opted for conical poufs, models Asia (BS638BL) and Dublino (BS528BL), slightly downsized, maintaining a perfect visual balance in every room.

So, under the sky of Val Gardena, Hotel The Laurin revealed itself to me, in a ballet of colors and comfort, ready to welcome its guests with this new, iridescent smile.