Leading Nature Wellness Resort Kristiana | 2022

Renewed Elegance: Interior Transformation of Hotel Kristiania

The architecture of Hotel Kristiania is enchanting, in excellent harmony with the surrounding natural and urban environment. The project was personally overseen by the owners during their visit to our company, during which combinations of Olympia armchairs (BS600A) with their respective coffee tables (BS600T), and Pound armchairs (BS604A) were chosen for the hotel suites.

There was also a request to renovate the furnishings of the bar area, the entire lobby, and the bistro. For the bistro, the Malmo model (BS436S) was chosen, with a beechwood frame and a spruce finish. The choice of fabric underwent an evolution of different opinions, which eventually converged on a high-performance fabric stress-tested in econabuk. The spruce green color tone blends fabulously with the existing decor.

New colors and fabrics for magnificent furnishings.

For the bar area, Rustica stools (BS132B) were designed, with custom spruce-colored finishes and upholstered in chocolate econabuk, along with chairs from the same collection (BS132S). For the lobby area, we designed a unique model of circular solid wood sofa and fitted some remaining narrow spaces with custom-made corner models. 

This design experience was a real opportunity to reevaluate certain color tones that I had completely abandoned over time. The combination of certain shades of green with predominantly raw treated wood furniture in a mountain environment is never to be taken for granted.