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Elegant Renewal at Hotel Scoiattolo: Bold Color Choices for a Welcoming Environment.

In the mountain tranquility of Tesero, Hotel Scoiattolo found itself at an aesthetic crossroads, ready to renew its common spaces with touches of class and bold colors. This alpine retreat, which I had the pleasure of furnishing, echoed in its rooms the formal yet lively dialogue between tradition and innovation.

I was contacted after one of the trade shows and a recommendation from a colleague. Thus, I was tasked with redesigning the common room and a corner of the breakfast and lunch area. A dance of shapes and shades ensued, weaving its rhythm through the hotel walls. 

The "Abu Dhabi" armchair (BS630A) was the favored choice for the common room: six pieces in a vibrant petrol green and six pieces in a deep dark orange, coordinated cushions included. Tall and majestic, these armchairs dominate the space with their presence, like elegant guardians of convivial moments and relaxation.

Letting yourself be carried away.

For the breakfast/lunch room, the "Bruxelles" armchair (BS523A) was crowned the queen of renewal. Dressed in a delicate pastel-colored velvet, reminiscent of sugar paper, it features a solid-colored seat and a backrest adorned with a geometric design, a visual embrace of rounded and curved shapes that harmoniously converse with the surrounding decor.

Thus, at Hotel Scoiattolo, the new furnishings whisper tales of understated elegance and chromatic boldness, reflecting an atmosphere that is a simultaneous ode to tradition and innovation.