The Beer Brothers

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Rebirth in speed: a pub rediscovers its charm.

When the owner of Beer Brothers in Vo' Euganeo called me, I sensed in the air the excitement of a lively collaboration, almost as much as the beers served in his relaxed and lively pub. This collaboration, woven with the threads of friendship and valuable advice, would prove to be one of the swiftest and most enjoyable experiences of my career.

The owner needed to replace some stools - young but already worn out - with quality products capable of sustaining the lively pace of the venue. His decision was quick and determined: in just ten minutes, the "Toronto" stool model (BS468B) was chosen and celebrated as the chosen one for the task. The speed of the agreement pleasantly surprised me and left me almost incredulous.

With matte black legs, sturdy yet elegant, and a united velvet covering, the "Toronto" stools embodied a dual essence.

The bold taste of the Beer Brothers.

The seat, adorned with a floral print reminiscent of the seventies, was tinged with delicate and captivating shades, evoking reminiscences of a golden era and drawing a bridge between the past and a vibrant and dynamic present.

The simplicity and precision with which everything unfolded spoke for themselves, outlining a picture of efficient beauty and telling the story of a pub that, with determination and style, had rediscovered its charm, which from what I gathered is greatly appreciated by its regular customers.