Hotel Astor | 2023

The hidden magic behind the furnishings: one step at a time.

The Hotel Astor in Limone sul Garda has always had that special something. Located in a charming position overlooking the serene waters of the lake, the hotel is a very dear client to us. When Mrs. Stefania, the owner, contacted me for the second time, I knew another exciting project was on the way.

After the TV lounge, it was now the turn of the lakeside bar area. With a breathtaking glass facade, the challenge was to enhance both the interior furnishings and the external light that penetrated, sparkling and sometimes kaleidoscopic. This is where our new challenge began. Thanks to Stefania's trust in our proposals – something I can only appreciate – we opted for luminous, iridescent fabrics, combined with high-performance eco-nubuck. We proposed one of our flagship models, the "Memphis" armchair (BS478A), and a newcomer that timidly made its way among the play of colors and the sparkling energy of the fabrics, the Jefferson armchair (BS629A).

And for the colors? We drew inspiration from the very nature that embraces the entire structure: ice and petrol colors, precisely the reflections of the hotel and the lake.

Truly sophisticated.

But every coin has its flip side. And in this case, alas, it was once again the hotel stairs. Picturesque and visually striking, comfortably leading guests with bags and trolleys to the main hall. But when it comes to carrying armchairs and sofas, those stairs become a sort of skill test. However, our models from the Dublin collection, armchair (BS528P), pouf (BS528BL), and sofa (BS528L), didn't disappoint. They quickly filled the rooms of this magical place.

Stefania, with her keen eye and a bit of humor, had even noticed our little anecdote about the stairs published in the last edition of this catalog. So I thought it best to keep this tradition alive and mention them again as a good omen for future projects. And thus, amid sparkling fabrics and challenging stairs, the art of furnishing comes to life, one step at a time!