Hotel Erica

Fabrics that tell stories: the elegant symphony of Hotel Erica.

In the vibrant heart of Tesero, Hotel Erica adorns itself with new fabrics, weaving a tale of delicate nuances and bold accents. Margherita, the interior artist, skillfully paints on this lively canvas, the hotel's bar, creating a visual harmony that sings with elegant and warm tones.

The "Miami" stools (BS441B), elegant furnishings for the counter, don iridescent velvet of an intense blue, deep as the midnight sky. The delicate curve on the backrest is a visual whisper, complementing the smooth seat, while the black legs stand guard, sturdy and discreet, over this refined ensemble of shapes and colors.

The benches, reborn under the mantle of carefully chosen eco-nubuck, pay homage to the majestic mountains, yet without imitating them with ostentatious devotion. A welcoming light green sets the stage for cushions that whisper in antique pink, beige, and brown, in a visual play that cradles and envelops, welcomes and reassures.

A sartorial tale of masterfully chosen tones and textures.

The stube lounge, a wooden chest of warmth, experienced days of chromatic doubts, of uncertain gazes and thoughts dancing hesitantly on the edge of decision. But then, a piece of advice, wise and delicate like a morning breeze, shaped the resolution: a custom-made bench in crumpled orange velvet, a lively yet controlled accent, serves as a counterpoint to modern and round cushions, delicately placed on faithful and welcoming Tyrolean chairs.

Facing the glass pane, a window to the world, the "Abu Dhabi" armchairs (BS630A) wear their dark green eco-nubuck loden-printed attire with dignity, in harmonious dialogue with the orange velvet of the benches, while at the entrance, the Africa (BS639BL) and Dublino (BS528BL) poufs, with their "teddy" covering, offer soft and welcoming embraces in warm and enveloping tones. A picture that, conceived first in the imagination, unfolded into a symphony of elegance and comfort, a visual ode to good taste and hospitality.

Lastly, in the sumptuous setting of Hotel Erica, the Amburgo chair (BS491A) and the Dublino armchair (BS528P) stand majestically as epitomes of elegance and sophistication, evoking an atmosphere of unparalleled regality and comfort.