Hotel Pareda

A Sofa Among the Mountains: Elegance of a Penetrating Gaze

In Canazei, amidst snow-capped peaks and crisp air, Hotel Pareda tells a story of charm and bold choices. It all begins at a fair in Riva del Garda, where Mrs. Francesca, the soul of the hotel, locks eyes with our Dublino sofa (BS528L). That first glance turns into a silent yet irresistible seduction.

Francesca encounters this model again at the fair in Bolzano, and destiny is sealed: that sofa must live within the walls of her hotel. Thus, after a detailed inspection, an entire set signed by Dublin and Brighton takes up permanent residence in Canazei: armchairs (BS528P), a sofa, poufs (BS528BL), and coffee tables (BS565TL), the latter slightly taller, custom-made for Hotel Pareda.

The iridescent velvet in shades of brown envelops everything, although initially, Francesca's heart beat for a delicate mauve, almost a whisper of blush.

Mrs. Francesca and the Fateful Encounter with the Dublino Model

But in the game of choices, sometimes prudence has its sweet revenge: brown triumphs, giving a discreet yet remarkable presence. And then there's that detail, a flicker of originality: Hotel Pareda doesn't resemble a typical mountain retreat. Mrs. Francesca, with her Sardinian spirit, has infused a breath of the sea among the mountains.

White floors welcome the guest, wood becomes rare, and the azure benches evoke distant beaches and endless skies. Thus, in a corner of Canazei, Hotel Pareda becomes a kaleidoscope of styles and sensations, a place where the Dublin sofa, with its brown velvet, feels perfectly at home.