Hotel Villa Nicolli

Refined rewrite of Hotel Villa Nicolli: from monochromatic seats to Bright Suites with an artistic touch.

With high expectations and ideas not yet defined, Mrs. Alessia contacted me with a mission: to refresh the dining room of Hotel Villa Nicolli in Riva del Garda, a classic and discreetly luminous environment. It was a canvas awaiting new colors, new stories.

The proposed solution: the Tucson armchair (BS475A), a jewel of comfort and design. And why not dare? Three different coverings to escape the monotony of a room with a hundred identical chairs. The Tucson didn't just change its outfit; it grew in height, in an elegant attempt to court the hotel's regular clients.

The colors, oh, the colors! Icy sage, forest green, and antique pink intertwined in a visual ballet, making the room not only irresistibly charming but also unexpectedly luminous. Alessia, with eyes brightened by satisfaction, admired the transformation.

Precious as a jewel.

But art, once begun, seldom knows an end. Alessia returned, seeking solutions for some recently renovated suites at the hotel. Enter the Paris model (BS461A) and its noble consort, the Paris Lounge model (BS461PL). 

Clad in white velvet, these pieces merged into the decor with a silent but determined respect, as did the final touch of the Dublino pouf (BS528BL), without disrupting the visual symphony of the environment, contributing to a furnishing project that whispered elegance in every corner. And so, amid a pleased smile and delicate touches of color, Hotel Villa Nicolli found itself elegantly leafing through the pages of a renewed, sparkling chapter of its history.